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Hello World

I suck at writing. It’s not that writing is something I hate, but I have never really done it enough to gain any kind of skill in it. Which is fine, since my real interests lie in software development, Japanese study, and video games.

Then why am I sitting here writing in my free time, instead of doing one of the aforementioned things? I have been looking over some of the projects I have worked on over the last few years, and realized how ridiculous and selfish it is to keep these things to myself. If even one of the pieces of code, hobby projects, etc can help or bring amusement to others, then it’s a shame to keep it locked away in my proverbial attic!

And so here is my first (of hopefully) many posts. I will post about some of the things I do, write tutorials and helpful information for different game engines / programming languages, and other things like that! I know this post is probably a bit rambling, and so I also hope that my mastery of writing can increase as I make posts, too!